Vol. 4 Issue 1 2017

Abusive supervision and turnover intention: Mediating effects of
psychological empowerment of nurses
A conceptual model of posttraumatic growth of nursing students with
a disabled parent
Speeding up development of the nursing profession and promoting human health in Chinapdf
Attitudes of undergraduate nursing students toward Objective Structure Practical Examination An Exploratory studypdf
Bibliometric analysis of papers on mild cognitive impairment nursing in Chinapdf
Cardiac rehabilitation knowledge in patients with coronary heart disease in Baoding city of China A cross-sectional studypdf
Constructing a nursing theoretical system with characteristics of Chinese culturepdf
Effect of cryotherapy on pain management at the puncture site of arteriovenous fistula among children undergoing hemodialysispdf
Facilitators of and barriers to emergency medical service use by acute ischemic stroke patients A retrospective survey (2)pdf
Family empowerment and quality of life of parents raising children with Developmental Disabilities in 78 Japanese familiespdf
Global health education in Chinese universities and potential for collaboration with schools of nursing A qualitative studypdf
Perceptions of nurses in Japan toward their patients’ expectations of care A qualitative studypdf
Prevalence and related factors of post-traumatic stress disorder among medical staff members exposed to H7N9 patientspdf
Shaping modern nursing development in China before 1949pdf
Strategic directions and actions for advanced practice nursing in Chinapdf
The moderating effect of social cognitive factors on self-management activities and HbA1c in Thai adults with type-2 diabetespdf
The psychological trajectory from diagnosis to approaching end of life in patients undergoing hemodialysis in China A qualitapdf

Vol. 4 Issue 2 2017

A determination of the quality of life of children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes and their parentspdf
A healthcare quality management system underpinning the 3-E model and its application in a new tertiary hospital in Australiapdf
A nursing protocol targeting risk factors for reducing postoperative delirium in patients following coronary artery bypass grpdf
A review of advanced practice nursing in the United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SApdf
Clinical education and student satisfaction An integrative literature reviewpdf
Competence of clinical teachers A survey on perception of masters of nursing specialist postgraduates, their clinical teacherpdf
Critical Thinking Disposition among Nurses Working in Puplic Hospitals at Port-Said Governoratepdf
Cronbach’s a reliability, concurrent validity, and factorial structure of the Death Depression Scale in an Iranian hospital spdf
Experiences of patients with HIVAIDS receiving mid- and long-term care in Japan A qualitative studypdf
Flashlight contamination and effectiveness of two disinfectants in a stomatology hospitalpdf
Healthcare needs and access in a sample of Chinese young adults in Vancouver, British Columbia A qualitative analysispdf
Kangaroo care and postpartum depression The role of oxytocinpdf
Life after stroke in Appalachiapdf
Nurse-led cancer care A scope review of the past years (2003-2016)pdf
Nurses’ and students’ perception of risk from medical practicespdf
Reliability and validity of the Chinese version of the Readiness for Hospital Discharge ScaleeParent Form in parents of pretepdf
The challenges that head nurses confront on financial management today A qualitative studypdf
The relationship between professional autonomy and moral distress among nurses working in children’s units and pediatric intepdf
The status of professional identity and professional self-efficacy of nursing students in China and how the medical documentarpdf
Using preceptors to improve nursing students’ clinical learning outcomes A Malawian students’ perspectivepdf

Vol. 4 Issue 3 2017

2018 Special Issue on Advanced Practice Nursing Call for paperspdf
A research regarding the relationship among intensive care nurses’ self-esteem, job satisfaction and subjective well-beingpdf
A state of the science on influential factors related to sun protective behaviors to prevent skin cancer in adultspdf
Assessing attitudes toward elderly among nurses working in the city of Ilampdf
Development of an assessment scale for treatment compliance in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Turkish population Psychometric evpdf
Effects of modified pulmonary rehabilitation on patients with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease A randopdf
Improve nursing in evidence-based practice How Chinese nurses’ read and comprehend scientific literaturepdf
Meta-analysis of meditativerelaxation-based interventions for cognitive impairment in cancer patientpdf
Parents’ and teachers’ expectations of school nurse roles A scale development studypdf
Predictors of diabetes self-management among type 2 diabetics in Indonesia Application theory of the health promotion modelpdf
Psychometric evaluation of the Thai translation of the Diabetes Self-management Questionnaire in type 2 diabetespdf
Psychometric properties and characteristics of the Diabetes Self Management Scalepdf
Psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Parent Perception of Uncertainty Scale (PPUS) among parents of childrenpdf
Speech by Annette Kennedy, President of International Council of Nurses at Leadership for Change Programme Launching Ceremonypdf
The effect of health literacy level on health outcomes in patients with diabetes at a type v health centre in Western Jamaicapdf
The effect of Tai Chi exercise on motor function and sleep quality in patients with stroke A meta-analysispdf
The impact of task characteristics on the performance of nursing teamspdf
The influence of treatment modality on illness perception and secondary prevention outcomes among patients with acute myocardipdf
Traditional Chinese medicine and nursing carepdf
Turkish validity and reliability of the Diabetes Self-Efficacy Scalepdf

Vol. 4 Issue 4 2017

An integrative review of the influence of job strain and coping on nurses’ work performance Understanding the gaps in oncologypdf
Casual for a cause Exploring the employment status of nursing in Australia and Chinapdf
Community social capital on fighting dengue fever in suburban Surabaya, Indonesia A qualitative studypdf
Current status and influencing factors of post-traumatic growth in maintenance hemodialysispdf
Development $ Sharing $ Cooperation eHealthy community of common destinypdf
Effect of nutritional supplement combined with exercise intervention on sarcopenia in the elderly A meta-analysispdf
Effects of mindfulness-based psychological care on mood and sleep of leukemia patients in chemotherapypdf
Factors associated with balance function in patients with knee osteoarthritis An integrative reviewpdf
Health and nursing policies, laws and in-service, governance and management, nursing leadershippdf
Health and nursing policies, laws and regulations, governance and management, nursing leadership in Brazilpdf
Health and nursing policy, regulation and legislation, leadership and management (2)pdf
Involvement$Development$Make progress–The role of nurses in primary health carepdf
Linking the health data system in the U.S. Challenges to the benefitspdf
Nursing education, continue education and in service training, research and digital technology applicationpdf
Psychological capital mediates the association between nurses’ practice environment and work engagement among Chinese male nupdf
Psychometric characteristics of the Reasons for Death Fear Scale among Iranian nursespdf
Quality of nursing care, availability and accessibility of treatment and prevention of communicable and chronic diseasespdf
Reviewing opioid use, monitoring, and legislature Nursing perspectivespdf
Structural model of factors relating to the health promotion behavior of reproductive health among Indonesian adolescentspdf
SWOT analysis of the current nursing education in Chinapdf

Vol. 5 Issue 1 2018

A review and comparison of midwifery management and education in five representative countriespdf
Application of predictive model for vaginal birth after caesarean deliverypdf
Attitude and practice of family planning methods among Roma women living in northern Turkeypdf
Community-based educational intervention on necklace method as a natural family planning amongst reproductive age group womenpdf
Coping mechanism against high levels of daily stress by working breastfeeding mothers in Iranpdf
Design of curriculum for specialised midwive training based on investigation of needs of midwives in Beijingpdf
Effects of massage on newborn infants with jaundice A meta-analysispdf
Essential competencies for three grades of midwives in Chinapdf
Exploratory study on resilience and its influencing factors among hospital nurses in Guangzhou, Chinapdf
Impact of IPMOE on nursing tasks in the medical ward A time-motion studypdf
Interventions to improve communication between nurses and physicians in the intensive care unit An integrative literature revpdf
Investigation and analysis of lower extremity arterial disease in hospitalized elderly type 2 diabetic patientspdf
Perceived barriers on mental health services by the family of patients with mental illnesspdf
Physical restraints An ethical dilemma in mental health services in Chinapdf
The necessity and possibility of implementation of nurse prescribing in China An international perspectivepdf

Vol. 5 Issue 2 2018

A Japanese version of the stressors in nursing students (SINS) scalepdf
A review of the development and current status of wound ostomy continence nurses in the mainland of Chinapdf
A survey of moral distress in certified registered nurse anesthetists A theoretical perspective for change in ethics educationpdf
Canadian nurse practitioner’s quest for identity A philosophical perspectivepdf
Concept analysis of coping with multiple sclerosispdf
Development of advanced nursing practice in China Act local and think globalpdf
Emotional intelligence in professional nursing practice A concept review using Rodgers’s evolutionary analysis approachpdf
Illness perception and cardiovascular health behaviour among persons with ischemic heart disease in Indonesiapdf
Investigation of the working conditions of nurses in public hospitals on the basis of nurse-friendly hospital criteriapdf
Perceptions of the effectiveness of Advanced Practice Nurses on a neurosurgery unit in a Canadian Tertiary Care Centre A pre-pdf
Predictors of health-promoting behaviour among older adults with hypertension in Indonesiapdf
Preoperative P-wave duration as a predictor of atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass grafting A prospective cohortpdf
Prevalence and risk factors of prolonged grief disorder among bereaved survivors seven years after the Wenchuan earthquake inpdf
Progressive exhaustion A qualitative study on the experiences of Iranian family caregivers regarding patients undergoing hemopdf
Self reported adherence to antiretroviral treatment and correlates in Hunan province, the Peoples Republic of Chinapdf
Supporting nurse practitioner education Preceptorship recruitment and retentionpdf
The effectiveness of mI SMART A nurse practitioner led technology intervention for multiple chronic conditions in primary carpdf
The impact of an educational intervention in caregiving outcomes in Jordanian caregivers of patients receiving hemodialysis Apdf
Validation of the Farsi version of the Death Obsession Scale among nursespdf

Vol. 5 Issue 3 2018

Adherence to iron supplementation amongst pregnant mothers in Surabaya, Indonesia Perceived benefits, barriers and family supppdf
Family members’ perspective of family Resilience’s risk factors in taking care of schizophrenia patientspdf
Health literacy and health outcomes in hypertension An integrative reviewpdf
Identifying the factors associated with depressive symptoms among postpartum mothers in Kathmandu, Nepalpdf
Innovative behaviour and career success Mediating roles of self- efficacy and colleague solidarity of nursespdf
Motivational interviewing to improve the self-care behaviors for patients with chronic heart failure A randomized controlledpdf
Nurse-led group cognitive behavioral therapy for major depressive disorder among adults in Japan A preliminary single-group spdf
Predictors of happiness among Iranian nursespdf
Psychological problems as the major cause of fatigue in clients undergoing hemodialysis A qualitative studypdf
Strategies for recruiting a sample of adults with type 2 diabetes from primary care clinics in rural Appalachia Incorporatingpdf
The effect of cryotherapy application before versus after subcutaneous anticoagulant injection on pain intensity and hematomapdf
The state of the science of nurse work environments in the United States A systematic reviewpdf
Validity and reliability of Turkish version of the scales of perceived stigma for children with epilepsy and their parentspdf
Where to seek help Barriers to beginning treatment during the first-episode psychosispdf
Who decides in withdrawal of treatment in a critical care setting A case study on ethical dilemmapdf

Vol. 5 Issue 4 2018

A cross-sectional study on nurse turnover intention and influencing factors in Jiangsu Province, Chinapdf
A mixed method analysis of patients’ complaints Underpinnings of theory-guided strategies to improve quality of carepdf
A theoretical framework for interaction of nursing discipline with genetics and genomics pdf
An mHealth intervention to improve medication adherence among patients with coronary heart disease in China Development of anpdf
Are parental rearing patterns and learning burnout correlated with empathy amongst undergraduate nursing studentspdf
Correlation of long-term medication behaviour self-efficacy with social support and medication knowledge of kidney transplantpdf
Development of an empowerment model for burnout syndrome and quality of nursing work life in Indonesiapdf
Effectiveness of Relaxation Breathing Exercise on fatigue in gynecological cancer patients undergoing chemotherapypdf
Family empowerment and associated factors in Japanese families raising a child with severe motor and intellectual disabilitiepdf
Increase in the functional capacity and quality of life among stroke patients by family caregiver empowerment program based opdf
Investigation of attitudes toward mental illness among nursing students in Indonesiapdf
Letter to the Editor Critical need for effective communication skills education in nursingpdf
Organizational commitment and turnover intention among rural nurses in the Philippines Implications for nursing managementpdf
Predictive accuracy of the Braden Q Scale in risk assessment for paediatric pressure ulcer A meta-analysispdf
Reliability and validity of the Chinese version of the new fear of hypoglycemia scale FH-15pdf
Symptom burden amongst patients suffering from end-stage renal disease and receiving dialysis A literature reviewpdf
The effects of emotional labor and competency on job satisfaction in nurses of China A nationwide cross-sectional surveypdf
The implementation and evaluation of HIV symptom management guidelines A preliminary study in Chinapdf
The lived experience of family caregivers caring for patients dependent on life-sustaining technologiespdf

Vol. 6 Issue 1 2019

Adaptation of the Turkish version of Nurses’ Self Concept Questionnairepdf
Can nurses remain relevant in a technologically advanced futurepdf
Comparison of RN licensure examination China and the United Statespdf
Depression in the context of chronic diseases in the United States and Chinapdf
Effectiveness of a training program based on maker education for baccalaureate nursing students A quasi-experimental studypdf
Effects of weight-lifting or resistance exercise on breast cancer-related lymphedema A systematic reviewpdf
Gender differences in self-care maintenance and its associations among patients with chronic heart failurepdf
Healthcare interprofessional team members’ perspectives on human caring A directed content analysis studypdf
Interventions for self-management of type 2 diabetes An integrative reviewpdf
Nurse-staffing level and quality of acute care services Evidence from cross-national panel data analysis in OECD countriespdf
Nursing students’ knowledge, willingness, and attitudes toward the first aid behavior as bystanders in traffic accident traumapdf
Peripherally inserted central catheters in critically ill patients e complications and its prevention A reviewpdf
Reliability and validity of Chinese version of a tool to assess the quality of life in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in patienpdf
Self-harm attempters’ perception of community services and its implication on service provisionpdf
Validation of the relationship consciousness of Japanese Patients with type 2 diabetes scalepdf

Vol. 6 Issue 2 2019

I can fight it!” A qualitative study of resilience in people with inflammatory bowel diseasepdf
Abusive supervision and turnover intention Mediating effects of psychological empowerment of nursespdf
Adolescent mothers’ experiences of the transition to motherhood An integrative reviewpdf
An iterative approach to enhance the clinical learning experience in Macao nursing educationpdf
Are mindfulness and self-efficacy related to presenteeism among primary medical staff A cross-sectional studypdf
Coping strategies of family caregivers of patients with schizophrenia in Iran A cross-sectional surveypdf
Health personnel’s experience with resident-centered care in nursing homes in Korea A qualitative studypdf
Health practitioner practices and their influence on nutritional intake of hospitalised patientspdf
Nurses’ families’ experiences of involvement in nursing errors A qualitative studypdf
Nurses’ experiences with health care in pain clinics A qualitative studypdf
Reliability and validity of the Chinese version of spiritual needs questionnaire with 27 items (SpNQ-Ch-27) in cancer patientpdf
Sources and symptoms of stress among nurses in the first Chinese anti-Ebola medical team during the Sierra Leone aid mission Apdf
The effectiveness of shared clinical teaching in nursingpdf
The process of life adjustment in patients at onset of glioma who are receiving continuous oral anticancer drug A qualitativepdf
Theoretical framework construction on care complexity in Chinese hospitals A grounded theory studypdf
Undergraduate nursing students’ knowledge of aging, attitudes toward and perceptions of working with older adults in Kathmandpdf

Vol. 6 Issue 3 2019

A cross-sectional study on oncology nurses’ knowledge and practice of oral mucositis among cancer patients in Jordanpdf
Brazilian questionnaire of competencies of oncology nurses Construction and test of content validationpdf
Development and validation of a self-management ability questionnaire for patients with chronic periodontitispdf
Effect of lower leg compression during cesarean section on post-spinal hypotension and neonatal hemodynamic parameters nonranpdf
Incidence, risk factors, and cumulative risk of delirium among ICU patients A case-control studypdf
Moving from fear to realization Family engagement in tuberculosis prevention in children living in tuberculosis Sundanese houpdf
Myocardial infarction patients’ learning needs Perceptions of patients, family members and nursespdf
Nurses’ lived experiences of professional autonomy in Iranpdf
Physical restraint in mental health nursing A concept analysispdf
Research-training needs of clinical nurses A nationwide study among tertiary hospitals in Chinapdf
Role of nurses in improving patient safety Evidence from surgical complications in 21 countriespdf
Roles of mutual help of local community networks in community health activities Improvement for the quality of life of olderpdf
Symptom distress and interference among cancer patients with osteoradionecrosis of jaw A cross-sectional studypdf
The “five senses of success” in nursing students Assessing first-year support engagementpdf
The effect of goal setting in asthma self-management education A systematic reviewpdf
The effects of applying an assessment form based on the health functional patterns on nursing student’s attitude and skills ipdf
The mediating role of organizational commitment between calling and work engagement of nurses A cross-sectional studypdf

Vol. 6 Issue 4 2019

A review and comparison of common maternal positions during the second-stage of laborpdf
A systematic review of the relationships among psychosocial factors and coping in adults with type 2 diabetes mellituspdf
Boosting nursing cooperation for a healthy Silk Roadpdf
Developing an evidence-based and theory informed intervention to involve families in patients care after surgery A quality impdf
Evaluation of clinical competence and its related factors among ICU nurses in Kermanshah-Iran A cross-sectional studypdf
Expectations of survivors towards disaster nurses in Indonesia A qualitative studypdf
Exploring the barriers of utilizing theoretical knowledge in clinical settings A qualitative studypdf
Factors associated with nursing students’ willingness to care for older adults in Korea and the United Statespdf
Job characteristics and staying engaged in work of nurses Empirical evidence from Malaysiapdf
Nurse staffing and life expectancy at birth and at 65 years old Evidence from 35 OECD countriespdf
Oxytocin and early parent-infant interactions A systematic reviewpdf
Pain acceptance in cancer patients with chronic pain in Hunan, China A qualitative studypdf
Self-reported sleep quality and depression in post myocardial infarction patients attending cardiology outpatient clinics inpdf
Students’ perceptions of teaching factors that demotivate their learning in lectures and laboratory-based skills practicepdf
The effect of the application of cold on hematoma, ecchymosis, and pain at the catheter site in patients undergoing percutanepdf
The Indonesian version of the Premature Infant Pain ProfileeRevised Translation and adaptation of a neonatal pain assessmentpdf
Use of content management systems to address nursing workflowpdf

Archives of Psychiatric Nursing

Vol. 31 issue 1 2017

Borderline Personality Disorder Psychological Treatment An Integrative Reviewpdf
Caregiver Burden Among Caregivers of Individuals With Severe Mental Illnesspdf
Comparison of Suicide Attempts or Behaviors Following Smoking Cessationpdf
Eating Disorder Examination–Questionnaire (EDE–Q) Norms for apdf
Intervening Early with Family Members during First-Episode Psychosis An Evaluation of Mental Health Nursing Psychoeducation within an Inpatient Unitpdf
Mental Health Nurses’ Experiences of Caring for Suicidal Patients in Psychiatric Wardspdf
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Parents of Children With Cancer in Jordanpdf
Psychiatric Nurses’ Attitude and Practice toward Physical Restraintpdf
Psychological Distress in Jordanian Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorderpdf
Quality of life in Brazil’s family health strategy Common mental disorders, use ofpdf
Relation Between Emotional Intelligence, Socio-Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Depressive Disorderspdf
Sleep Duration of Inpatients With a Depressive Disorderpdf
Suicide Risk in the Hospitalized Elderly in Turkey and Affecting Factorspdf
Warning Signs prior to Aggressive Behavior in Child Psychiatric Unitspdf

Vol. 31 issue 2 2017

Anxiety Management in Primary Care. Implementing the National Institute of Clinical Excellence Guidelinespdf
Content Validity of a Psychotherapeutic Intervention Model in Nursing A Modified e-Delphi Studypdf
Contribution of Group Therapeutic Factors to the Outcome of Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy for Patients with Panic Disorderpdf
Demographics and Health Profiles of Depressive Symptoms in Korean Older Adultspdf
Diabetes Knowledge Among Adults with Serious Mental Illness and Comorbid Diabetes Mellituspdf
Don’t Just Survive, Thrive Understanding How Acute Psychiatric Nurses Develop Resiliencepdf
Reciprocal Abuse. Elder Neglect and Abuse by Primary Caregivers and Caregiver Burden and Abuse in Turkeypdf
Social Support Moderates the Effects of Self-esteem and Depression on Quality of Life Among Chinese Rural Elderly in Nursing Homespdf
The Effectiveness of Psychoeducational Interventions in Reducing the Carepdf
The Mentally Ill in Jail Contemporary Clinical and Practice Perspectives for Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursingpdf
The Relationship Between Treatment Adherence and Social Support in Psychiatric Patients in the East of Turkeypdf
The Trauma of Birth or Parenting a Child. Effect on Parents’ Negative Emotion in Chinapdf

Vol. 31 issue 3 2017

Educating Undergraduate Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Students in Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Usinpdf
Effects of Spiritual Group Therapy on Caregiver Strain in Home Caregivers of the Elderly with Alzheimer’s Disease☆pdf
Grandmothers and Self-Management of Depressive Symptomspdf
Prevalence of Major Depression and Its Associations With Demographic and Clinical Characteristics and Quality of Life in Chinese Patienpdf
Relationship Between Caregiving Burden and Anger Level in Primary Caregivers of Individuals With Chronic Mental Illnesspdf
Risk Factors for Suicide Ideation Among Adolescents Five-Year National Data Analysispdf
Roles of Psychiatry Nurses Within a Therapeutic Environment of Psychiatry Clinics in Turkeypdf
Socio-demographic and Psychological Correlates of Posttraumatic Growth among Korean Americans with a History of Traumatic Life Experienpdf
The Effect of the Psychiatric Nursing Approach Based on the Tidal Model on Coping and Self-esteem in People with Alcohol Dependency A Rpdf
The Obsessive Compulsive Inventory-Child Version (OCI-CV) Further Evidence on Confirmatory Factor Analytic Structure, Incremental and Cpdf

Vol. 31 issue 4 2017

Category 3 and 4 Controlled Drugs Users’ Perceptions of Participating in Drug-Abuse-Health Prevention Lectures in Taiwanpdf
Depression Screening at a Community Health Fair Descriptives and Treatment Linkagepdf
Development of a Nurse Observation Scale for Inpatients at the Psychiatry Clinic Validity and Reliability Studypdf
Diabetes Self-Care Views of Individuals With Severe Mental Illness and Comorbid Type 2 Diabetes and of Those Only With Type 2 Diabetespdf
Emergency Nursing Experiences in Assisting People With Suicidal Behavior A Grounded Theory Studypdf
Mental Health Needs of Youth in Juvenile Justicepdf
It’s the First Time I Feel as One”. Patients’ Experience of Therapeutic Body Wraps in Swiss Public Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Wardspdf
The Correlation Between Schizophrenic Patients’ Level of Internalized Stigma and Their Level of Hopepdf
The Impact of Parental Reaction to Sexual Orientation on Depressive Symptoms and Sexual Risk Behavior Among Hispanic Men Who Have Sex wpdf
The Resilience Questionnaire for Bipolar Disorder Development and validationpdf

Vol. 32 issue 1 2018

An Analysis of the Correlates of Aggression in a Social Learning Program for Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill Inpatientspdf
An investigation of the relationship between schizophrenic patients’ strength of religious faith and adherence to treatmentpdf
Application of the SEIPS Model to Analyze Medication Safety in a Crisis Residential Center☆pdf
Health Care Professionals Attitudes Towards Mental Illness Observational Study Performed at a Public Health Facility in Northern Italypdf
Incidence, Type, Related Factors, and Effect of Workplace Violence on Mental Health Nurses A Cross-sectional Survey☆pdf
Mental Health of Nurses Working at a Government-designated Hospital During a MERS-CoV Outbreak A Cross-sectional Studypdf
Predictors of depressive symptoms in older adults living in care homes in Thailandpdf
Resilience from the Perspectives of Caregivers of Persons with Dementia☆pdf
The Magnitude and Determinants of Emotional-Behavioral Problems in Working Adolescents in Turkeypdf
Validating the Psychometric Characteristics of the Perinatal Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Questionnaire (PPQ) in a Chinese Contextpdf
Willingness to Interact After Therapeutic Recreation in a Patient With Schizophreniapdf

Vol. 32 issue 2 2018

A Comparison of Aggression and Self-injury Among Type 1 Diabetic and Healthy Adolescents A Sample From Turkeypdf
A Comparison of Eating Attitudes Between VegansVegetarians and NonvegansNonvegetarians in Terms of Orthorexia Nervosa☆pdf
Eating Behaviors and Related Factors in Psychiatric Patientspdf
Effectiveness of Needs-oriented Hospital Discharge Planning for Caregivers of Patients With Schizophreniapdf
Effects of Mandala Art Therapy on Subjective Well-being, Resilience, and Hope in Psychiatric Inpatientspdf
Exploration of AggressionViolence Among Adult Patients Admitted for Short-term, Acute-care Mental Health Servicespdf
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Among Health Care Providers Two Years Following the Israeli Attacks Against Gaza Strip in August 2014 Anopdf
Prevalence of Workplace Violence Against Chinese Nurses and Its Association with Mental Health A Cross-sectional Surveypdf
Social Support as a Mediator of Physical Disability and Depressive Symptoms in Chinese Elderlypdf
The Mental Health Team Evaluation From a Professional Viewpoint. A Qualitative Studypdf
The Relationship Between the Burden of Caregiving, Submissive Behaviors and Depressive Symptoms in Primary Caregivers of Patients With Spdf

Vol. 32 issue 3 2018

Associations Between Korean Adolescents’ Energy Drink Consumption and Suicidal Ideation and Attemptspdf
Depression Risk Assessment Tool for Adolescentspdf
Emotional Labour of Caregivers Confronted With Aggressive Brain-injured Patients☆pdf
Finding Inspiration From the Philosophy of Maurice Merleau-Ponty for the Practice of Psychiatric-mental Health Nursingpdf
Implementing Non-violent Resistance, a Method to Cope with Aggression in Child and Adolescent Residential Care Exploration of Staff Membpdf
Knowledge and Perceptions of Undergraduate Nurses towards the Use of Cocaine (Smoked) in a Brazilian Contextpdf
Physical and mechanical restraint in psychiatric units Perceptions and experiences of nursing staffpdf
Relations Between Depression Level and Conflict Resolution Styles, Marital Adjustments of Patients With Major Depression and Their Spouspdf
Sleep Disturbance and the Change from White to Red Lighting at Night on Old Age Psychiatry Wards A Quality Improvement Projectpdf

Vol. 32 issue 4 2018

A qualitative study investigating bipolar patients’ expectations of a lifestyle intervention A self-management programpdf
Acculturative stress and lack of social support predict postpartum depression among U.S. immigrant women of Arabic descentpdf
Association of auditory hallucination and anxiety symptoms with depressive symptoms in patients with schizophrenia A three-month follow-pdf
Employment implications of nurses going through peer assistance programs for substance use disorderspdf
Exploring predictors of medication adherence among inpatients with schizophrenia in Singapore’s mental health settings A non-experimentapdf
Outcomes of dialectical behavior therapy administered by an interdisciplinary teampdf
Reflective functioning in criminal justice involved women enrolled in a motherbaby co-residence prison intervention programpdf
The coping process of Japanese parents who experience violence from adult children with schizophreniapdf
The relationship between domestic violence against women and suicide riskpdf
Traumatic growth and psychological resilience status of female victims of violence inpatients in a district psychiatric hospitalpdf
Validation of the Lifetime Total Physical Activity Questionnaire (LTPAQ) in midlife and older adults with a history of late-onset deprespdf

Vol. 33 issue 1 2019

Depressive symptoms and factors associated with depression and suicidal behavior in substances user in treatment Focus on suicidal behapdf
Ethnic minority members may be at risk for state hopelessness following hospitalization for ischemic heart disease☆pdf
Exploring the Experiences of Parent Caregivers of Adult Children With Schizophrenia A Systematic Reviewpdf
Gardening on a psychiatric inpatient unit Cultivating recoverypdf
Health Related Quality of Life Among Patients With Multiple Sclerosis The Role of Psychosocial Adjustment to Illnesspdf
Identifying psychophysiological stress targets for the promotion of mental health in pregnant womenpdf
Quality of life in caregivers of a family member with serious mental illness Evidence from Chinapdf
Reflective practice groups Are they useful for liaison psychiatry nurses working within the Emergency Departmentpdf
The effect of family-focused psychoeducational therapy for autism spectrum disorder children’s parents on parenting self-efficacy and epdf
The Level of Hopelessness and Psychological Distress among Abused Women in A Women’s Shelter in Turkeypdf
The TANDEM3-PC The Foundation for an Innovative, Integrated Behavioral Health NP-led Model of Practice in Rural Primary Care☆pdf
Therapeutic alliance, relationship building, and communication strategies-for the schizophrenia population An integrative reviewpdf

Vol. 33 issue 2 2019

A feasibility study exploring self-care and parenting for adults recovering from addictive substancespdf
Assistance related to suicidal behavior at a mobile emergency service Sociodemographic and clinical associated factorspdf
Effectiveness of a drinking-reduction program on drinking behavior, stages of change, drinking refusal self-efficacy, and resilience inpdf
Escitalopram related edema in a patient with Hashimoto’s thyroiditispdf
Exploring the mutual regulation between oxytocin and cortisol as a marker of resiliencepdf
Health-related lifestyle and perceived health among people with severe mental illness Gender differences and degree of sense of coherencpdf
Mental health care professionals’ accounts of actions and responsibilities related to managing physical health among people with severepdf
Post-traumatic stress disorder and its risk factors in bereaved Tibetan adolescents 3 years after the 2010 Yushu earthquake, a cross-secpdf
Psychosocial and healthcare experiences among women with pre-pregnancy mental health concernspdf
Transgender and non-conforming persons’ mental healthcare experiences An integrative reviewpdf
Who benefits most A preliminary secondary analysis of stages of change among street-involved youth☆pdf

Vol. 33 issue 3 2019

A practical guide to the use of psychotropic medications during pregnancy and lactationpdf
Beyond the ACE score Examining relationships between timing of developmental adversity, relational health and developmental outcomes inpdf
From experiences to expectations A quantitative study on the fear of childbirth among multigravida womenpdf
Gentle remedies Restoring faith in the first step of nonpharmacological infant mental health care for the prevention and treatment of “dpdf
Introducing mother-baby interaction therapy for mothers with postpartum depression and their infantspdf
Perinatal depression and infant mental healthpdf
Postpartum depression A multi-disciplinary approach to screening, management and breastfeeding supportpdf
Reprint of Epigenetics, maternal prenatal psychosocial stress, and infant mental healthpdf
The role of mother-infant bond in neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) managementpdf
U.S. policy for children’s mental healthpdf

Vol. 33 issue 4 2019

Challenges of conducting qualitative research of non-suicidal self-injury in South Korea An international nursing research collaborationpdf
Comorbid mental health disorders in persons living with HIV Adherence to antiretroviral therapypdf
East meets west in psychiatry Yoga as an adjunct therapy for management of anxietypdf
Feelings of siblings having a brothersister with Down syndromepdf
Interprofessional team-based approach to patients with chronic hepatitis C and personality disorder Three case studiespdf
Investigation of peer relations of preschool refugee and non-refugee children☆pdf
Prevalence of depression and its associated factors among persons with chronic medical illness in Bhutanpdf
Stigma in health professionals towards people with mental illness An integrative reviewpdf
The unsuspected threat of three opioid-like substitutespdf
Willingness to use smartphone apps for lifestyle management among patients with schizophrenia☆pdf

Geriatric Nursing

Vol.38 Issue 1 2017

Are nursing home care workers’ health and presenteeism associated with implicit rationing of care A cross-sectional multi-site studypdf
Caregivers for older adults Prevalence, characteristics, and health care utilization and expenditurespdf
Caregiving setting and Baby Boomer caregiver stress processes Findings from the National Study of Caregiving (NSOC)pdf
Exemplars in advanced practice gerontological nursing A GAPNA Series – GAPNA Consensus Statement Proficiency 7 – Case 7pdf
Long-term effectiveness and safety of once-daily, single-entity, extended-release hydrocodone in patients of ≥75 years of age with moderate to severepdf
Meaning in stroke family caregiving A literature reviewpdf
Observations of oral hygiene care interventions provided by nurses to hospitalized older peoplepdf
Personality of the caregiver influences the use of strategies to deal with the behavior of persons with dementiapdf
The role of interpersonal sensitivity, social support, and quality of life in rural older adultspdf
What does the future hold for geriatric nursingpdf

Vol.38 Issue 2 2017

Addressing future demands Nursing students, elders, and pet birds A student-initiated quality improvement projectpdf
Antibiotic stewardship Revisiting quinolone antibioticspdf
Can a web-based community of practice be established and operated to lead falls prevention activity in residential carepdf
Caregiver’s distress related to the patient’s neuropsychiatric symptoms as a function of the care-settingpdf
Compassion fatigue among nurses working with older adultspdf
Development and psychometric testing of a measure of older adult patients’ attitudes towards mobility during hospitalization (ATM-H)pdf
Effectiveness of a community-based program for suicide prevention among elders with early-stage dementia A controlled observational studypdf
Perspectives on caregiving A qualitative evaluation of certified nursing assistantspdf
The association between antidepressant use and hemoglobin A1C in older adultspdf
Trajectories of health-related quality of life among family caregivers of individuals with dementia A home-based caregiver-training program matterspdf

Vol.38 Issue 3 2017

A growing need – HIV education in long-term carepdf
Changes of geriatric syndromes in older adults survived from Intensive Care Unitpdf
Characterizing the high-risk homebound patients in need of nurse practitioner co-managementpdf
Creating and implementing an intervention is hard, sustaining it is harderpdf
Effects of aromatherapy on agitation and related caregiver burden in patients with moderate to severe dementia A pilot studypdf
Long term care nursing competence and related factors among Taiwanese nurses A national survey for those who completed the LTC training coursepdf
Preventing falls in assisted living Results of a quality improvement pilot studypdf
Psychometric testing of Korean versions of self-efficacy and outcome expectations for restorative care activities scalespdf
The role of nursing staff in the activities of daily living of nursing home residentspdf
Why older adults may decline offers of post-acute care services A qualitative descriptive studypdf

Vol.38 Issue 4 2017

Associations between socioeconomic status, aging and functionality among older womenpdf
Attitudes, perceptions and experiences of mealtimes among residents and staff in care homes for older adults A systematic review of the qualitative lipdf
Dental care practices and oral health training for professional caregivers in long-term care facilities An interdisciplinary approach to address oralpdf
Engaging patients with heart failure into the design of health system interventions Impact on research methodspdf
Experiences of health care for older people who need support to live at home A systematic review of the qualitative literaturepdf
Latent classes of caregiver relationships with patients Workplace violence implicationspdf
Outbreak of G2P[4] rotavirus gastroenteritis in a retirement community, Brazil, 2015 An important public health riskpdf
The impact of inadequate health literacy on patient satisfaction, healthcare utilization, and expenditures among older adultspdf
The use of acupuncture in patients with Parkinson’s diseasepdf
US and Dutch nurse experiences with fall prevention technology within nursing home environment and workflow A qualitative studypdf

Vol.39 Issue 1 2018

A daily skincare regimen with a unique ceramide and filaggrin formulation rapidly improves chronic xerosis, pruritus, and quality of life in older adupdf
A hermeneutic phenomenological explorations of living in old agepdf
Can we reduce morphine use in elderly, proximal femoral fracture patients using a fascia iliac blockpdf
Evaluation of fatigability measurement Integrative reviewpdf
Facilitating aging in place A qualitative study of practical problems preventing people with dementia from living at homepdf
Identification of pseudobulbar affect symptoms in the nursing home setting Development and assessment of a screening toolpdf
Impact of Alzheimer disease patients’ sleep disturbances on their caregiverspdf
Resident challenges with daily life in Chinese long-term care facilities A qualitative pilot studypdf
Sleep disordered breathing in older adults with heart failure with preserved ejection fractionpdf
Spiritualreligious coping and depressive symptoms in informal caregivers of hospitalized older adultspdf
The association of nurses’ assessment and certainty to pain management and outcomes for nursing home residents in Jordanpdf

Vol.39 Issue 2 2018

A Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Feasibility and Acceptability of an Adapted Cardiac Rehabilitation Program for Home Care Patientspdf
Calf circumference is associated with dysphagia in acute-care inpatientspdf
eHomecare and safety The experiences of older patients and their relativespdf
Fear of falling among community-dwelling older adults A scoping review to identify effective evidence-based interventionspdf
Mitigating fall risk A community fall reduction programpdf
Nursing home staff perspectives on adoption of an innovation in goals of care communicationpdf
Optimizing insulin delivery for patients with diabetespdf
The effects of mutual goal-setting practice in older adults with chronic illnesspdf
The effects of support groups on dementia caregivers A mixed method studypdf
The impact of mobility limitations on health outcomes among older adultspdf

Vol.39 Issue 3 2018

Amplified hearing device use in acute care settings for patients with hearing loss A feasibility studypdf
Does acute care for the elderly (ACE) unit decrease the incidence of fallspdf
Exercise merging physical and cognitive stimulation improves physical fitness and cognitive functioning in older nursing home residents a pilot studypdf
Exploring falls prevention capabilities, barriers and training needs among patient sitters in a hospital setting A pilot surveypdf
Geriatrics training for nurses in a skilled nursing facility a GWEP feasibility studypdf
Health literacy and its correlates in informal caregivers of adults with memory losspdf
Instruments for detection and screening of cognitive impairment for older adults in primary care settings A reviewpdf
On-line health seeking activity of older adults an integrative review of the literaturepdf
Resident Choice A Nursing Home Staff Perspective on Tensions and Resolutionspdf
The effects of hearing loss on person-centred care in residential aged care a narrative reviewpdf

Vol.39 Issue 4 2018

A pilot-feasibility study of measuring emotional expression during oral carepdf
Determinants of turnover among low wage earners in long term care the role of manager-employee relationshipspdf
Factors related to older patients’ fear of falling during the first mobilization after total knee replacement and total hip replacementpdf
Interdisciplinary development and implementation of a dementia skills training program in a VA community living center a pilot study (2)pdf
Interdisciplinary development and implementation of a dementia skills training program in a VA community living center a pilot studypdf
Nurses’ perspectives on whether medical aid in dying should be accessible to incompetent patients with dementia findings from a survey conducted in Qupdf
Octogenarians’ post-acute care use after cardiac valve surgery and recovery clinical implicationspdf
Pilot testing of the effectiveness of nurse-guided, patient-centered heart failure education for older adultspdf

Vol.40 Issue 1 2019

A comparative study of social capital and hospital readmission in older adultspdf
A review on healthy ageing interventions addressing physical, mental and social health of independent community-dwelling older adultspdf
How older adults with multimorbidity manage their own care within a formal care coordination programpdf
Identifying potential long-stay residents in veterans health administration nursing homespdf
Knowledge and perceptions about aging and frailty An integrative review of the literaturepdf
Prevalence and characteristics associated with high dose opioid users among older adultspdf
Validation of the advanced activities of daily living scalepdf

Vol.40 Issue 2 2019

Coping with mental health issues among older Hispanic adultspdf
Effect of nurse staffing on rehospitalizations and emergency department visits among short-stay nursing home residents A Cross-sectional study using tpdf
Hearing loss and its impact on residents in long term care facilities Asystematic review of literaturepdf
Quality of care to nursing home residents with incontinencepdf
Supporting autonomy in long-term care Lessons from nursing assistantspdf
Tai Chi with music improves quality of life among community-dwelling older persons with mild to moderate depressive symptoms A cluster randomized contpdf
Transitional care and empowerment of the older adultpdf

Vol.40 Issue 3 2019

Caregiver decisions along the Alzheimer’s disease trajectorypdf
Eliciting nurses’ perspectives to improve health information exchange between hospital and home health carepdf
Family caregivers experiences of the pre-diagnostic stage in frontotemporal dementiapdf
Informal support for older adults is negatively associated with walking and eating during hospitalizationpdf
Mobilizing older adults A multi-site, exploratory and observational study on patients enrolled in the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)pdf
Social support as a mediator between depression and quality of life in Chinese community-dwelling older adults with chronic diseasepdf
Working together to learn new oral hygiene techniques Pilot of a carepartner-assisted intervention for persons with cognitive impairmentpdf

Vol.40 Issue 4 2019

A pilot study Resistive behavior in the context of informal caregiver-assisted activities of daily living☆pdf
An oral health baseline of need at a predominantly African American Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Opportunities for dental-nurspdf
Associations among hearing loss, hospitalization, readmission and mortality in older adults A systematic reviewpdf
Does geriatric nursing staff burnout predict well-being of LTC residentspdf
Efficacy of a horticultural activity program for reducing depression and loneliness in older residents of nursing homes in Taiwanpdf
Factors associated with high strain in caregivers of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in Malaysiapdf
The impact of shareholding networks for facilitating care in rural Thailandpdf